The BIK Youth Panel 2021 contributes to the #DigitalDecade4YOUth!

After a series of online meetings, members of the 2021 BIK Youth Panel are preparing to showcase their work during the pre-event session of the Safer Internet Forum (SIF) 2021, taking place on the eve of the main event.  

Date 2021-09-28 Author BIK Team Section youth

In response to European Commission’s initiative to develop a vision and avenues for Europe’s digital transformation by 2030, the BIK Youth Panel have been contributing the #DigitalDecade4Youth consultation by discussing various aspects that will have an impact on the future of the internet.   

Throughout September, through a series of online meetings, no less than 39 young people from across Europe have been actively preparing their session by sharing their respective perspectives on better and safer internet issues with their peers, particularly on such topics as the online school environment, social networks and advertising, online society, and gathering information

Even though the BIK Youth Panel preparatory meetings have taken place online this year, this change of format has not compromised the quality of the event nor the level of participation on the part of the youth panellists. In fact, in addition to very fruitful discussions, the young people - as well as the organisers - have had a lot of fun by introducing meeting themes such as ‘your favourite rock star’ and ‘beach party’.  

Having participated in numerous debates, the young people have had a chance to take on the role of policymakers, industry and citizens, and to provide their arguments regarding topics such as anonymity, data privacy, and online advertising.  

The outcomes of the #DigitalDecade4YOUth consultation will be presented and followed by a youth-led discussion with the BIK Youth Panel 2021 at the SIF pre-event on Tuesday, 5 October 2021 from 17:00-18:30 CET. Participants will then engage in more in-depth discussions in the form of break-out sessions looking at the topics which the youth have been discussing during the preparatory meetings. 

The main Safer Internet Forum will then take place on the following days – Wednesday, 6 and Thursday, 7 October 2021 – where the discussions will continue, with BIK Youth Panellists continuing to give their input. 

For more information about this session and about Safer Internet Forum generally, visit the Better Internet for Kids website

To learn more about the BIK Youth Panel 2021 and their ongoing work, please keep an eye on the BIK Youth minisite and the BIK Youth Twitter profile

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