YEP, we can make a change!

Young people from across Europe met recently for the 9th edition of the European Youth Panel (YEP), which took place in Brussels last month. In total, 15 young people from 13 countries were selected from their national youth panels to represent their peers, share their ideas and contribute to a new youth campaign. They also attended the Safer Internet Forum (SIF), where they participated in high-level panel discussions. Here, Noah from Luxembourg shares his experience.

2017-12-11 Noah, youth panellist from Luxembourg

Hi, I'm Noah, 17 years old, and I'm from Luxembourg. I still go to school and get involved in a range of activities of our national Safer Internet Centre, BEE-SECURE in my leisure time, acting also as a youth journalist for them.

What made you want to work as a youth journalist for your Safer Internet Centre?
I myself am a computer scientist and, as such, I understand a lot about the risks of the internet. Therefore, I wanted to work for a free, secure internet without any risks, and this was a good way to contribute to that cause.

How did you find the cooperation in the BIK Youth Programme with participants from other European countries?
I found it exciting and breathtaking how more than 15 young people from other countries and backgrounds can work together, collaboratively, for a safer internet. I'm relieved that there are other people like me out there who are aware of the risks, but want to challenge and change that – for example, should companies be regulated in terms of the personal data - and metadata - they are collecting about their users? Terms of service of often confusing, but they need to be made clear and transparent. As a mass, we can make a change.

How did you find the youth participation activities in the Safer Internet Forum?
It was interesting to exchange various opinions with different people.

What can you do with the youth participation scenario - #TogetherForRespect – which the youth panel launched at the Safer Internet Forum?
I definitely want to further develop the project and make it more appealing. Only by working together can we change something!

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To find out more out the Better Internet for Kids (BIK) youth programme, visit the new BIK Youth minisite and see also the youth panellist's Together for Respect campaign YouTube channel.

Find out more about the Safer Internet Forum on the BIK portal.

About the author:
Noah (17) is from Luxembourg where he attends school and volunteers as a youth journalist for BEE SECURE, the national Safer Internet Centre.

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