European Youth Panel 2017

The European Youth Panel (YEP) is just around the corner! YEP, it's that time of the year when European youth representatives come together to share their work and views on how to foster a better internet for children and young people. We've learnt from previous editions of YEP (see also YEP 2015 and YEP 2016) that young people can do amazing and creative work together, engaging in discussions and activities that aim to empower them to be responsible users of online technologies.

2017-11-21 BIK Team

Coming from 13 European countries, 15 youth panellists will join digital forces to make YEP 2017 a remarkable event. This time around, they've been preparing through online meetings since September 2017, preparing a peer-to-peer youth participation scenario, making sure they identify the missing pieces in youth digital policies and practices, and filling in the gap.

Their work in recent months is about to bloom during a full day, hands-on workshop taking place in Brussels, Belgium on 22 November 2017. It's hoped that their previous collaborations online will allow them to speak with one voice when debating issues relating to online safety and digital trends with their peers. On the day, the 15 youth panellists will finalise their (digital) co-creation work into a fully-fledged youth participation scenario, to be launched the following day at the Safer Internet Forum (SIF). Furthermore, this year's YEP will also mark the launch of a more comprehensive programme of activities for BIK youth – look out for more on social media in the days following SIF!
Keen to find out more about BIK youth participation? BIK Youth panellists are certainly looking forward to spreading the news at SIF on 23 November 2017 – keep checking the Better Internet for Kids (BIK) portal for more news and information on the outcomes.
Missed the chance to register for SIF? Be sure to stay tuned for YEP and SIF posts on Twitter and Facebook with #YEP2017, #SIF2017 and #SaferInternetForum.

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