European Youth Panel 2015

This year again, young people from across Europe will meet for the 7th edition of the European Youth Panel (YEP) taking place in Luxembourg on 27-28 October at Forum Geesseknäppchen.

2015-10-09 Pan-EU Youth

The main aim of YEP is to prepare young people for their active participation in the Safer Internet Forum (SIF), taking place 28-29 October 2015, which will focus on how to break down barriers to help make the internet a better - and more trusted - place. 

In total 10 young people from as many European countries have been selected from their national youth panels to represent their peers and to share their ideas, thoughts and comments with the stakeholders present at SIF. These young people will work closely with two Youth ambassadors, former youth panellists and active contributors to other internet safety initiatives run by the Insafe network. Additionally, two adult moderators will help to facilitate the understanding of topics related to safe online behaviours, and engage young people in discussions and activities that aim to empower them to be responsible users of online technologies.

Youth panellists will have the opportunity to take the floor during SIF panel sessions to share their experiences and views with the wider audience, ensuring that young people are at the centre of discussions. 

All activities at the European Youth Panel will build on the ‘makerspace' concept that involves hands-on activities to engage young people in discovering new technologies and being creative. The Safer Internet Centre in Luxembourg is coordinating the Bee Creative project which manages several makerspaces in Luxembourg, and is officially launching a new one at Forum Geesseknäppchen on 20 November 2015.

More information on youth participation will be made available via the SIF website after the event.

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