Media ‘Ukkie’ Days campaign in the Netherlands

The 2023 edition of the Media 'Ukkie' (or 'Toddler') Days campaign took place from 24 to 31 March. Throughout the campaign, countless parents were assisted with tips, tools, and advice. The new 'Iene Miene Media' study was also presented, full of insights into how parents experience the media education of their little ones. In this article, the Dutch Safer Internet Centre looks back on a successful campaign with a selection of highlights. 

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'Balance: moving with media'

It was the key message of this year's campaign in the Netherlands. And at times, it seemed as if the entire country joined the movement. Therefore, we look back on a successful campaign week in which numerous partners, parents, caregivers and children worked together. 

Results from the Iene Miene Media Monitor 2023 

As part of the campaign, we researched media usage in families with young children aged 0 to 6. The in-depth research this year revealed, among other things, that: 

  • One in four parents of 0 and 1-year-olds indicates that their child spends at least two hours on screens daily. 
  • Young children up to 6 years of age spend an average of 100 minutes daily on digital media.
  • The current media usage of young children is significantly higher than the recommended screen time by the World Health Organisation (WHO). 

The network in motion 

The network was once again the driving force behind the success of the Media Ukkie Days this year. In libraries, daycare centres, and schools, attention was given to the campaign in various ways. A selection of the many activities organised over the week includes: 

  • Parents and parenting professionals could once again sign up for various webinars full of information. The KB (Dutch Royal Library) offered a webinar, for example, and online sessions from Bureau Jeugd & Media, Gro-up, and Family Factory were also available. 
  • In many libraries, there were activities to attend during the Media Ukkie Days, from storytelling to digital scavenger hunts, from a baby drive-in to a mommy café. 
  • Childcare was also active. For example, in the run-up to the Media Ukkie Days, Humankind designed the Balance Board, a tool to gain more insight into the media usage of the whole family. 
  • Another handy tool this year came from Gro-up. Specifically for the Media Ukkie Days, the Media & Movement dice game was developed. This way, you can engage with your little one in a fun way to promote balance. 
  • In this article, Rebecca Beck (Centre for Sports & Exercise) and Aniek Breevoort (the Dutch Media Literacy Network) explain why the balance between sitting still and moving is essential and provide practical tools that you can immediately use. 
  • Just before the start of the Media Ukkie Days, various partners already shared their thoughts in the network session “Moving with Media? This is how you work towards a healthy balance for toddlers.”  

Broad (and multilingual) attention 

Keep a distance from the screen, change positions, and set a good example! To make it as easy as possible for parents, caregivers, and parenting professionals to get moving with media, The Dutch Media Literacy Network compiled ten accessible tips this year. The tips are available in six different languages and were created in collaboration with the Centre for Sports & Exercise, Mediasmarties, Nji, Trimbos Institute, Lagendijk Empowering, Kennisnet, JOGG, Humankind, gro-up, Windesheim. 

Both the Iene Miene Media Monitor and the campaign were once again the subject of many news reports this year. From the NOS Journaal to De Speld, and from newspapers to podcasts. A selection of the reports includes: 

  • Various videos highlighted the research. The NOS Journaal, RTL Nieuws, Hart van Nederland,, and the HLF8 talk show, among others, focused on the Iene Miene Media research. 
  • Various newspapers and magazines also covered (online) the Media Ukkie Days. Reports appeared in NRC, AD, LINDA, Parents of Now, and De Telegraaf. 
  • Attention was drawn to the campaign via humour as well. Satirical reports appeared on De Speld and Nieuwspaal, Diederik Smit delivered a column, and various cartoons about the research were published. 
  • In Tischa Neve's podcast, Even over mijn kind, the balance between screen time and movement was a central topic. 

Next edition 

Many thanks to all network partners, professionals, organisations, parents, educators, media, bloggers, and others who helped draw attention to the media education of the little ones during the Media Ukkie Days 2023. 

The next edition of the Media Ukkie Days will take place from 5 to 12 April, 2024. 

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