The Insafe network celebrates Safer Internet Day 2023

The Insafe network of Safer Internet Centres did not hold back when it came to the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of Safer Internet Day. For the occasion, a lot of new resources including lesson plans, videos and other material were published all over Europe. Find a recap of the most recent network resources below. 

Date 2023-03-30 Author BIK Team Section awareness, industry, sid Topic cyberbullying, excessive use, gaming, media literacy/education, potentially harmful content Audience children and young people, media specialist, parents and carers, teachers, educators and professionals
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Lesson plans and classroom material

Onlike manual - This manual by the Better Internet Centre (in Ukraine) contains 12 exercises for teenagers and young people (up to 45 minutes each), five exercises for professionals working with children and youth (including self-assessment tool), information materials to cover different topics such as online participation, online well-being and mental health, getting help and protection. Teachers, youth workers, librarians can use the exercises separately or adapt them according to the needs of the target audience. 

True or false on the internet? - Information literacy on the internet needs to be learned and practiced from a very young age. This teaching material from the German Safer Internet Centre supports teachers in the classroom. The brochure contains an information section on many different aspects of information literacy, followed by suggested exercises for specific subjects.

Be Internet Awesome - Developed by Google and now available in a range of European and non-European languages, Be Internet Awesome is a programme that teaches children and young people the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety so they can explore the online world with confidence.

Young people in the fake news dilemma - As online media and social networks are the most important source of up-to-date information on politics, sport and culture for young people, the Austrian Safer Internet Centre regularly explores young people's interaction with such means and their level of understanding and ability to detect fake news online. translated in Ukrainian for young refugees - Sieciaki is a Polish educational website for children aged 9-11 with lesson plans, interactive e-learning courses for youngest children as well as lesson scenarios, games, video spots and books for children. Recently, the webiste and many materials are being translated and adapted into Ukrainian in order to serve the needs of Ukrainian migrant children in Poland and other countries.

Promoting a safer and more positive use of the Internet to primary school children - The Luxembourg Safer Internet Centre has prepared a collection of activities for pupils to help discuss important topics on their digital lives with them. 


We are fearless (webseries) - The Italian Safer Internet Centre launched the trailer for the third season of this webseries, addressing the online well-being of young people and other online challenges. You can watch the trailer, as well as the previous seasons of the show, on Generazioni Connesse's YouTube channel. 

Silent witness - Explore the #SilentWitness campaign by the Irish Safer Internet Centre, which explores the topic of online bullying and abuse, and aims to spark conversations about how we can create more tolerant and inclusive online communities.

Games and books

Souvenirko - This game was developed by Better Internet Centre in Ukraine for the winter holiday season to recall all sorts of favourite festive memories in a group of players. The game is widely used by organisations working with children and youth to create a space for sincere communication and sharing. The game is a good ice-breaking activity and helps children and young people start conversations on specific topics.

Interland - Developed by Google and now available in a range of European and non-European languages, Interland is an online game that puts the key lessons of digital safety into hands-on practice with four challenging games.

ZigZaga on the Net. New adventures - This adventure book by the Portuguese Safer Internet Centre narrates the digital adventures of Benjamin, his friends Lara and Pedro, among others, and a cyber team of digital friends - INES, PISCA and LUZINHA. It aims to develop children's digital literacy and invites young readers to enjoy their offline time between the readings and the adventures of the characters.

The Diki mouse in the online magic world - This fairy tale and activity book by the Cyprus Safer Internet Centre offers children the opportunity to learn in a fun, educational, and age-appropriate manner about critical issues related to the safe and responsible use of the internet. The workbook covers important topics such as protecting personal data, identifying and avoiding misinformation, managing screen time, and staying safe while communicating with others online. It is a valuable resource for parents to teach children about the safe and responsible use of the internet in a fun and engaging way.

Other material

Safer Internet Corner - In Romania, they created a physical place within a school in which children can communicate to discover both new things about internet, as well as ways to resolve online conflicts. The atmosphere created helps to create feelings of peace and trust, providing a time and space for children to learn how to manage or self-regulate their emotions or behavior in response to unpleasant situations in the online environment. The space is completely dedicated to students and located in an open area, easily accessible during breaks.

Sharenting podcast - The Croatian Safer Internet Centre produced this podcast aimed at parents and carers on the topic of sharenting, discussing the practice of parents and carers sharing sensitive content about their children on internet platforms, featuring Croatian singer Marko Tolja as a good practice example.

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