Global Trends in Online Safety: Report back from the FOSI conference

On 16 September 2015, FOSI and Telecom Italia co-hosted a conference providing an opportunity to learn and share international experiences, while hearing about specific Italian challenges and opportunities.

2015-10-09 FOSI awareness, industry

The event featured a plenary panel discussion that included Joanna Shields, UK Minister for Internet Safety and Security; Marlene Holzner, Cabinet Member, EU Commissioner for Digital Economy & Society; and Antonello Giacomelli, Under-Secretary of State, Italian Ministry of Economic Development - Telecommunications. This panel focused on government responses to online safety issues. 

The event also featured presentations by two leading researchers, Amanda Lenhart from Pew Research Center, and Giovanna Mascheroni from Università Cattolica, Milano. To close the event, a panel discussion was held to address best practices in internet safety from an industry perspective, and a final discussion took place between FOSI CEO, Stephen Balkam, and the Chairman of Telecom Italia, Giuseppe Recchi, to address the future of online safety in Italy.
Visit the FOSI website for a comprehensive summary of the conference, along with photos and research presentation slides.

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