Dutch hotline EOKM publishes 2019 Annual Report

INHOPE's Dutch hotline Meldpunt Kinderporno of the Expertise Centre for Online Child Sexual Abuse (EOKM) recently published its Annual Report for 2019.

Date 2020-07-20 Author Meldpunt Kinderporno, EOKM, the Dutch hotline Section awareness, hotlines

The number of reports received by the Dutch hotline remained incredibly high – with the total number of URLs reported in 2019 standing at 308,430. Of these, 76.6 per cent pertained to child sexual abuse material (CSAM). 76.6 per cent of the content on the URLs assessed in 2019 was hosted in the Netherlands. This leads to an extremely heavy workload for the analysts working at Meldpunt Kinderporno.

2019 was also a year of innovation for EOKM, as efforts are underway to relieve the burden placed on the hotline. The launch of its hash check server was a success, and it restructured its database which collects incoming national reports.

EOKM also launched a Sexual Child Abuse Reporting Tool (SCART) that was developed by AbuseIO, with funding from the SIDN Fund and the digital society platform ECP. SCART is designed to automate a large part of the analyst's workload.

Looking to the future, EOKM started a collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to launch an Artificial Intelligence project to filter out non-illegal content, which will also participate to the lightening of the analysts' workload.

Read the Annual Report 2019 of Meldpunt Kinderporno of the EOKM (in English) on the INHOPE website.

This article was initially published on the INHOPE website and is reproduced here with permission.

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