The Insafe and INHOPE networks meet to facilitate sharing of experiences and good practice

Today, the Insafe and INHOPE networks are meeting in Warsaw, Poland, to explore areas of common ground and opportunities for closer working between helplines, hotlines, and awareness centres in a two-day training meeting. It is also an opportunity to discuss a range of online safety issues, including deep nudes, sextortion, gender-based violence and adult content, and consider the challenges that are likely to face Safer Internet Centres in the future.

Date 2024-04-17 Author BIK Team Section helplines, hotlines Topic media literacy/education Audience organisations and industry
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Day 1

Activities will kick off with a workshop that will allow colleagues to explore the Media Literacy Case for Educators (MLCE) project resources created for youth and educators to understand the opportunities and challenges around topics such as algorithms, the material nature of the internet, large language models (LLMs), and their relationships with technology.

Then, the opening keynote address will focus on sexual imagery and child sexual abuse material (CSAM)  and will be followed by several sessions. These sessions will provide more in-depth discussion on specific issues with input from Safer Internet Centres, who will share cases, resources, the latest research about AI-generative content, and how to talk to children and young people about sexual issues online and sextortion.

The meeting will also include a customary resource competition to showcase the diverse range of educational resources and videos created by the network; each finalist will deliver a short pitch to encourage others to vote for their resource.

Day 2

Day 2 will feature discussions on various topics, including the progress and impact of the Digital Services Act (DSA) and an overview of the menABLE project. Then, participants will hear SIC colleagues who will provide an overview of the challenges related to adult content online. They will raise issues like age verification/age assurance. 

In the afternoon, participants will be able to choose from several Open Space Technology (OST) sessions, each centred on different topics. These sessions will feature the sharing of the best practices from both within the network and beyond, providing ample opportunities for discussions and debates. The closing keynote of the Insafe-INHOPE joint training meeting will delve into the challenges confronting children and young people in the future, and the role of SICs in supporting them. 

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