Latvian Helpline 116111 launches app to help children in crisis situation

Latvian Helpline 116111 has released an app to make psychological assistance more accessible to children. This free app, created by the State Inspectorate for Protection of Children’s rights, was intended for children and adolescents to receive psychological assistance when facing online breaches. 

Date 2021-01-14 Author Latvian Safer Internet Centre Section helplines Audience children and young people

With the help of this app, called Helpline, children and adolescents can call Child Helpline 116111 free of charge around the clock, receive e-counselling in crisis situations, as well as communicate with counsellors in a chat.

In the app there is a section about internet safety – what is cyberbullying, where to report issues online and where to find useful information about how to be safe online linked to the website of Latvian Safer Internet Centre

The app can be used by any child or adolescent who has experienced difficulties online or in real life and does not know how to deal with them, who has experienced difficulties in communicating with parents, peers or other people, experienced sexual, physical or emotional abuse, confusion, anger, sadness or other strong negative emotions. 

Screenshot of the app

A screenshot from the app - © Helpline 116111

At the beginning of October, a competition for school children was organised, inviting them to create advertising projects to promote the new app. Advertising projects should be created by proposing the most suitable ideas and solutions for their peers. The projects can be created in various techniques - audio or video advertising, outdoor advertising layout, and so on. Any pupil or student of a general education or vocational education institution, starting from the seventh grade, can participate in the competition. The best proposal of the competition or the ideas contained in them will be used in the advertisements of the Helpline and related projects. 

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