"When Free Isn't" - new eNACSO policy paper on children and business practices online

On 15 June 2016, eNACSO (the European NGO alliance for child safety online) releases "When Free Isn't", a report which makes a strong case for improved policy, law and action to protect children against unfair and damaging business practices online.

Date 2016-06-15 Author eNACSO
Globally, one in three internet users are below the age of 18. Children and young people are the fastest growing group of users, actively influencing purchasing decisions within their families or themselves directly buying online content and offline products.
"Children and young people are spending large amounts of money online. We need to recognise that as an enduring fact and establish a charter for children as consumers. If a business is willing to take money from a child it should accept it has a higher duty of care to that young person if anything goes wrong with the product or service or they need help" said John Carr, expert of eNACSO and co-author of the policy paper.
The report will be officially launched at a seminar at the European Parliament building in Brussels, hosted by MEPs Anna Maria Corazza Bildt and Caterina Chinnici,Co-Chairs of the Intergroup on Children's Rights.
Visit the eNACSO website for further information or download the full press release here.

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