Empowering internet safety: celebrating Safer Internet Day 2024 across Greece

Thousands of people across Greece enthusiastically celebrated Safer Internet Day 2024, either by engaging in the main event hosted at the Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports, or by actively participating in various online events tailored for students of all ages. This year's Safer Internet Day focused on the Better Internet for Kids (BIK+) strategy and the Digital Services Act (DSA), both aimed at ensuring children's protection, dignity, and empowerment in the online sphere.

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More than 800 students from 30 secondary schools across the Attica region and beyond participated in the central celebration, organised by the Greek Safer Internet Centre (SIC) at the Jacqueline de Romilly Hall in the Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports. The students were informed about online safety through playful activities during the event.

Active participation was a feature of the Greek Safer Internet Day event

Celebrations included musical performances

The event's highlight was the inspiring dialogue between the young panellists and the popular actresses Vaso Laskaraki and Vassia Golfinopoulou. Ms Laskaraki and Ms Golfinopoulou captivated the audience, sharing insights on their personal social media management strategies, highlighting potential risks, and offering invaluable advice to empower children to cultivate positive online experiences.

Simultaneously, as the main event unfolded at the Ministry, 1,070 schools across Greece heeded the call of the Greek Safer Internet Centre, organising their celebrations within their premises, thereby amplifying the message of a safe online environment. In addition, throughout the week, several smaller online events were organised at schools, ensuring inclusivity even for students residing in the most remote areas. Over 33,000 students and educators actively participated in these initiatives.

Awards for national student competitions on Safer Internet Day 2024

Two school competitions - one encompassing all educational levels focusing on children's rights and the other dedicated to cybersecurity for Lyceum students – took place under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports, alongside the Ministry of Digital Governance and the National Cybersecurity Authority. During the main event, student prizes were awarded. Representatives from the National Cybersecurity Authority of the Ministry of Digital Governance, alongside the General Secretary of Primary, Secondary Education and Special Education, who gave the awards, highlighted the significance of digital literacy in navigating internet challenges and discussed career prospects in cybersecurity with the students.

Introduction of new educational resources 

Ahead of SID2024, new resources emphasising students' use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools and their associated opportunities and risks were unveiled. The resources, comprising presentations, videos, and lesson plans, cater to educators, parents, and the broader public across all educational levels. For more information, visit the  SID 2024 study material.

An example of learning resources from the Greek Safer Internet Centre

Find out more about Safer Internet Day in Greece or learn more about the work of the Greek Safer Internet Centre more generally. 

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