Italy celebrates Safer Internet Day 2023 with an event focused on young people

For Safer Internet Day (SID) 2023, young people were the focus of the SID event in Italy. The day was split up into several different sessions to target different kinds of audience. Read on to discover more about the celebrations during the day.

Date 2023-03-30 Author Italian Safer Internet Centre Section awareness, sid Topic data privacy, hate speech, media literacy/education Audience children and young people, media specialist, parents and carers, teachers, educators and professionals
A group picture of young people attending the SID event in Italy

The SID event started by celebrating the 20th anniversary of the observance. On stage, two presenters from, the media partner of the Italian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) for SID2023, hosted the event and interacted with the audience, consisting of young people from all over Italy, institutions and companies representatives, as well as a range of schools connected remotely. 

Meanwhile, at the end of the first part of the event, 100 young people were divided into 10 discussion tables, two for each focus topic chosen from the following: 

  1. Online risks and online safety;
  2. Network economy;
  3. Online violence;
  4. Online well-being;
  5. Algorithms, AI and democracy.

Together with experts, we explored these topics and shared experiences among peers. The final goal was to build a "solution tree" to be proposed by the youth panel itself to policy makers. 

The event was broadcasted live on the pages of the Italian Ministry of Education, and the YouTube page of Generazioni Connesse (the Italian Safer Internet Centre), and the dissemination through the local newspapers was notable. 

You can rewatch the SID event on YouTube

Group of five panellists (including two young people) for the PanEU Youth Italia during the SID event in Italy.

In addition, during the event the youth Panel designed and used a media kit to report and share their online experiences. You can see the results of this exercise in this and this Instagram posts.

Moreover, the Italian influencer Nikolais also narrated his Safer Internet Day experience through a beautiful video with a vlog dedicated to the event, in which he interviewed not only kids, but also celebrity guests and various stakeholders.


The SID event was also largely disseminated on Instagram, and the SIC also launched the trailer for the new season of the mini webseries We are fearless.

Last but not least, the Italian SIC presented data from research conducted by, the University of Rome and the University of Florence.

Group picture of ten young people involved in the SID2023 celebrations in Italy

Find out more about Safer Internet Day in Italy. Alternatively, find more information about the work of the Italian Safer Internet Centre, including their awareness raising, helpline, hotline and youth participation services – or find similar information for other Safer Internet Centres throughout Europe

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