Media ‘Ukkie’ Days campaign in The Netherlands

The 2022 edition of the Media ‘Ukkie’ Days campaign took place from 25 March - 1 April 2022. Over the course of the campaign, countless parents were helped with tips, tools and advice. The new ‘Iene Miene Media’ study was also presented, full of insights into how parents experience the media education of their little ones.  

Date 2023-01-10 Author Dutch Safer Internet Centre Section awareness Topic media literacy/education Audience parents and carers, research, policy and decision makers
Child watching video on tablet

With this year’s campaign, the Dutch Media Literacy Network tried to answer questions such as: can you let a child play with a tablet by itself or should a parent accompany them? How do you guide a child in the 'digital world'? How do you use media in a way that a child learns something from it? And how do you make choices that match the child's development? 

Results Iene Miene Media study 2022

It turns out media education is not an urgent topic among parents of children aged 0 to 6. For no less than three-quarters of parents, media education is in last place – after nutritious food, sufficient exercise, social behaviour, and hygiene. As in previous years, a large majority of parents endorse the positive effects of media, such as better language development and numeracy skills. They also believe that media is good for creativity. However, parents are insufficiently aware of the harmful long-term effects. Only a quarter of parents are concerned about negative effects such as near-sightedness or being overweight. 

All sides of the Media Diamond highlighted 

Many parenting questions from parents are about children's media use. The Media Diamond (or ‘MediaDiamant’) by the Media Literacy Network is designed to help with this. The MediaDiamant is a handy guide with practical tips for parents to help children aged 0 to 18 grow up media literate. An (abridged) English version is available here

By the network 

Every year, libraries, childcare, educational organisations, and primary schools play an important role during the Media Ukkie Days. This year was no different: from webinars to interactive workshops, escape rooms and more. Despite the online nature of this edition of the campaign, there was plenty to do across the country and on the internet. 

A selection of the inspiring initiatives: 

  • There was a national webinar, organised by the national library. Parents throughout the country could listen in on Denise Bontje's media parenting tips 
  • The 'Media Ukkie Lab' was festively opened in Roosendaal during the campaign 
  • In honour of the Media Ukkie Days, the eReader service Kobi offered a special promotion, where users could request a code to use the app for free for young children 
  • The Appingedam library organised a 'media tasting', where parents and little ones could get acquainted with different types of media 
  • The Media Ukkie Circuit was held in the library in Medemblik, where (grand)parents with little ones could discover together how to use apps and other media safely 
  • The Dutch Media Literacy Network also organiSed a subsequent networking session, 'Experiencing stories with little ones: from development to fantasy'

Media coverage of the campaign 

The hashtag #MUD22 was widely used on social media, and various national newspapers and other media also paid attention to the campaign. Some of the messages: 

  • wrote ‘Parents are increasingly putting small children in front of a TV or screen’ 
  • Both the 8 o’clock news on the NOS as well as the Jeugdjournaal (a news broadcast for young people) discussed the campaign 
  • On the Radio 1 NOS Journaal, Prof. dr. Peter Nikken was interviewed about his contribution to the Iene Miene Media study 
  • RTL Nieuws showed an interview with Aniek Breevoort of the Dutch Media Literacy Network 
  • RTL Nieuws online also paid attention to the Iene Miene Media study in an article on the site 
  • The NCJ devoted a news item to the findings of the Iene Miene Media study 
  • Parents of Nu also wrote about the research and gave tips on how to deal with screen time 
  • In the Radio 1 program 'Dit is de Dag', both Peter Nikken and Marije Lagendijk were interviewed about the campaign 
  • also featured an interview with Prof. Nikken 
  • Attention was also paid to research on MSN, EO Visie, the Education Database and the Library magazine, among others 

Save the date – #MUD23 

The next edition of the Media Ukkie Days will take place from 24 to 31 March 2023. 

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