Interactive Conversations on Europe's Future for Seniors

As part of the “Interactive Conversations on Europe’s Future” initiative, seniors in Latvia learned about online risks and safety on the internet. From September to November 2021, events took place in 14 different cities across Latvia, organised by the European Commission Representation in Latvia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia, and the Latvian Safer Internet Centre. 

Date 2022-01-18 Author Latvian Safer Internet Centre Section awareness Topic media literacy/education Audience media specialist, parents and carers, teachers, educators and professionals
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The main aim of the events was to discuss topical EU issues with seniors, to provide education and practical information on the possibilities of digital technologies in everyday life, as well as how to avoid various types of online risks to ensure safe and responsible use of the internet. The talks took place at information points and libraries in each city. 

The interactive talks were organised in groups of up to 20 seniors to allow each participant to share their experience in an informal setting, and to find answers to questions of interest to them related to the European Union and internet safety. Seniors were very responsive and interested in how to protect themselves online, and especially on how to avoid various scams on the internet. Media literacy issues were also important – how to distinguish trustworthy news from fake, and what clickbait pages and headlines mean, why they are made, and how not to fall for them. 

On several occasions, seniors explained that their commitment to digital literacy was to maintain close contact with family members during the pandemic. The desire to be in touch with their children and grandchildren encouraged the participating seniors to be knowledgeable and educated about both the risks and opportunities of the digital environment. It is important that seniors do not feel afraid of technology and the internet, because gaining digital skills will help seniors to establish closer contact with their grandchildren and better understand them and their interests while exploring the digital world. 

Seniors, along with their grandchildren, can learn the basics and key principles of internet safety and give useful advice to each other on how to stay safe online. Sometimes grandchildren may have problems on the internet that can be resolved with the help and advice of a grandparent which the child can confide in. Or, on the contrary, when a child helps their grandparent to explore the digital world, together they make a good team! 

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