Safer Internet Ambassadors in Latvia improve their knowledge during the fifth annual training

The annual training of Safer Internet Ambassadors (SIAs) in Latvia was dedicated to the latest trends and online risks, as well learning about new media literacy approaches. The training was organised for the fifth time since the Latvian Safer Internet Centre launched its Internet Ambassadors Programme in 2017.

Date 2021-10-20 Author Latvian Safer Internet Centre Section awareness, news Topic media literacy/education Audience media specialist, organisations and industry, research, policy and decision makers, teachers, educators and professionals
Picture with group of Safer Internet Ambassadors

Currently, 30 ambassadors, who are mainly pedagogues, librarians, and coordinators of youth centres from all over Latvia, are actively participating in the programme. Regional ambassadors contribute to raising awareness and promoting a safer use of the internet in their cities and regions, with a special focus on educating children and their parents and carers.

The participants of the training explored various aspects of media literacy and the importance of critical thinking as one of the most important skills to stay safe online. Also, an insight was given into current online safety issues. Additionally, everyone was involved in a practical activity – the ambassadors worked together on the development of new educational material of the Latvian Safer Internet Centre.

The ambassadors had the opportunity to learn one of the media literacy methods “Understanding the headlines”. They also joined the LAMPA 2021 Conversation Festival and listened to discussions among experts about different social issues such as respect, equality, freedom of speech, modern technologies, democracy, safe digital environment, and more.

The Safer Internet Ambassadors training session is a great opportunity to meet individuals sharing common interests, to share experiences and any achievements from the previous year, and to get to know new colleagues. Five new ambassadors join the community of Safer Internet Ambassadors every year.

The training process was organised to let participants engage both individually and in groups. The practical sessions were designed to give participants not only basic knowledge about the topics covered in the agenda, but also practical advice – tools and methods to be used on a daily basis when working with children and young people.

After the training meeting, the ambassadors shared that one of the main lessons they took home is the understanding that media literacy, digital literacy and information literacy require not only the technical and theoretical knowledge, but also a change in habits, attitudes and actions.

The ambassadors also shared the next steps they will take after the training session: proposals include developing a programme to help prevent cyberbullying in schools, educating children on how they can protect themselves online, organising meetings and discussions with parents to give advice on how to protect their children online, and organising lessons in schools and kindergartens on online safety.

Map of Latvia with the dissemination and presence of Safer Internet Ambassadors. Credits: Latvian Safer Internet Centre

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