“A perfect face on the internet…” – Online conference on the impact of influencers in Latvia

Online celebrities, their lives, experiences and stories – do they affect lives of adolescents?  Is it worth listening to influencers and take their every advice? Can anyone become an influencer? In the online conference "A perfect face on the internet…" different experts tried to find answers to these and many other questions.

2021-01-18 Latvian Safer Internet Centre awareness online reputation parents and carers, teachers, educators and professionals
A panel discussion at the Latvian conference

The conference took place online on Friday, 6 November 2020 and was organised by Latvian Helpline 116111 together with the Latvian Safer Internet Centre (SIC).

It is no secret that young people look up to influencers – they listen to every word, want to try the same experiences, buy the same things but the question remains – why do young people look up to influencers so much and is it always a good idea? A lot of influencers use their power in a commercial way; it is a job and they are not always concerned with the information that they post on social media, if and how it affects the thoughts, values and behaviours of minors.

During the event, Toms Briedis, the head of WomStar, an agency specialised in cooperating with influencers, shared his thoughts on the challenges and behind the scenes of influencer work. Local celebrity and influencer Renārs Zeltiņš talked about influencers' opportunities to influence opinions – what should influencers take into account? The panel discussion on the impact of the internet and influencers gathered different experts – social media expert Artūrs Mednis, journalist and radio DJ Toms Grēviņš, the coordinator of Latvian Safer Internet Centre Maija Katkovska and psychologist Helena Adejanova.

After the discussion, social worker working with adolescents Guna Garokalns - Bihela addressed an interesting topic - can a teacher play the role of influencer in the lives of children and adolescents?

The conference was livestreamed and the recording is accessible on YouTube


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