Educating children to online risks through fairytales

This back to school season, the Greek Safer Internet Centre (SIC) is launching two new illustrated books, "Athena and her new tablet" and "Athena learns about personal data", targeted to children aged 4-8. These two storybooks take in interactive approach to accompany children in their first contacts with the online world.

2020-09-30 Greek Safer Internet Centre awareness

In "Athena learns about personal data", children learn interactively about the meaning of personal data and the importance of protecting them online. Athena and her dog Ermis are the protagonists of this story that takes place in Athena's school. During the first day at school, students discuss ways people reveal their personal data online. When back home, Athena tries to teach her dog Ermis what she has learned at school. The message of the story is not only to discuss the issue of online personal data, but also to promote peer-to-peer education.

In "Athena and her new tablet", children learn about cyberhygiene and the risks associated with excessive use of the internet as Athena starts using her first tablet which she received as a birthday gift. The book aims to help young children understand the importance of activities in the offline world, with friends and family.

The stories are structured in a way that makes it easy for educators to create a theatrical play with their students in order to have fun and promote the message of the books to their peers.

The books are illustrated by a well-known Cretan artist, Mrs. Anna Hiletzaki.

Picture of the covers of the two Artemis storybooks by the Greek Safer Internet Centre

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