Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre: COVID-19 resources

The Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre has published a number of articles and resources (in Bulgarian) on staying safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can find them below.

Date 2020-04-20 Author BIK Team Section awareness

* Please note – resource listings are being added to regularly, so please check back often for the latest information *

  • How to respond to online risks under the COVID-19 pandemic

    • Video lessons on online safety. The Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre has published a collection of videos about different online risks, such as online gaming, sexting, use of social media platforms, and so on. You can find the videos on the Safenet BG YouTube channel or in this 30-minute video compilation.
    • Mishu and the internet mess. A booklet with a fairy tale and games to enhance digital literacy of children up to 7 years.
    • Children from 0 to 7 years old and the internet. A handbook for parents. Raising a child in today's digital world is not easy, especially in areas where previous generations might lack experience. This guide helps to ensure that children do not get lost in the endless internet space, and that they can take advantage of its many opportunities while protecting themselves from online risks. It is a natural complement to the booklet Mishu and the internet mess, aiding parents to think of related activities and to make them even more useful for children.
    • Safe YouTube. You can find almost anything on YouTube, but this is exactly where the problem lies when children use it. The solution is simple: YouTube Kids. This video explains the basics of this YouTube app.
    • Verification is the highest form of trust. Family Link is a great Android app that gives you control over the content and activities of children on the internet. Learn more about it in this video.
    • Limit online payments. The digital world has many pitfalls when it comes to monetary transactions or even the mere use of devices. Here are some tips to keep you safe.
  • Emergency remote teaching

    • Online learning - a step into the future... Every new situation puts us in front of new solutions. Emergency remote teaching has placed online learning into the spotlight and it is undoubtedly a step into the future. Find out what teachers think after the first days of emergency remote teaching: How do they perceive online learning? Are they worried or hopeful?
    • Parents' voice on remote learning. The introduction of emergency remote teaching has put all participants in the educational process - teachers, students and parents - in a new situation. This poll asks parents what they think about online education.

The Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre also provides helpline services allowing children and young people, and parents and carers to access personalised advice and support. Equally, it provides a hotline for reporting any illegal content you mind find online. Don't hesitate to contact them in case of need!

In addition, we'll be bringing you a range of articles and insights on the opportunities and challenges of being online during COVID-19 in the coming days and weeks. Keep checking the Better Internet for Kids (BIK) portal and follow our social channels on Twitter (@Insafenetwork and @SafeInternetDay) and Facebook (@SaferInternet and @SaferInternetDay) for the latest news, information, advice and resources from the Insafe network and from other stakeholder organisations on staying safe online during the coronavirus pandemic.

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