Austrian Safer Internet Centre: COVID-19 resources

The Austrian Safer Internet Centre has published a number of articles (in German) on staying safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic. Below you can find them organised by topic.

Date 2020-04-03 Author BIK Team Section awareness

* Please note – resource listings are being added to regularly, so please check back often for the latest information *

  • General advice

    • How do I talk about the coronavirus with my children? Many young people are concerned about the coronavirus. Honest but child-oriented explanations are important to provide security. This article gives tips on how you can inform your children without scaring them.
    • Coronavirus – What is still allowed. What movement restrictions are in force due to COVID-19? Is it still possible to ride a bike? How about jogging? The regulations change constantly and the Austrian Safer Internet Centre is often asked about what is actually still allowed. Find an overview in this article.
    • Coronavirus – Actions for schools. The Austrian government announced several actions concerning schools to contain the spread of COVID-19. Check this article to stay up-to-date on the situation.
  • Positive content and well-being at home

    • Coronavirus – What to do about my anxiety. At the moment, we are all in an absolutely exceptional situation because of the coronavirus measures. It is perfectly normal to feel fear as well. For our body, such an exceptional situation is like a permanent state of stress. The good news is that you can do a lot to prevent fear from taking over.
    • Tips against coronavirus boredom. No concerts, no going out, no sitting outside together, no gym... at a first glance you might feel that you can't do anything with others anymore because of COVID-19. But there's still a lot more to do! The Austrian Safet Internet Centre has gathered a few possibilities.
    • Being alone. Many people are feeling lonely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here you can find some tips to cope with the situation.
    • Tips for parents to reduce potential conflict while in isolation. Children are bland, parents have to work from home, and the news fuel fears. Families are facing extremely big challenges in the coming weeks. The long time spent together in a confined space and the uncertainty about how things will continue are the best breeding ground for emotional outbursts and thick air. This article compiles tips for parents for this time of heightened potential for conflict.
    • Too much family time during coronavirus. Being at home 24/7 during the COVID-19 lockdown is not easy. A lot of what we like to do in our free time is not possible anymore and you can quickly become frustrated. Even being with your family all the time can be too much for you at some point. How can you still create a little privacy for yourself?
  • How to respond to online risks under the COVID-19 pandemic

The Austrian Safer Internet Centre also provides helpline services allowing children and young people, and parents and carers to access personalised advice and support. Equally, it provides a hotline for reporting any illegal content you mind find online. Don't hesitate to contact them in case of need!

In addition, we'll be bringing you a range of articles and insights on the opportunities and challenges of being online during COVID-19 in the coming days and weeks. Keep checking the Better Internet for Kids (BIK) portal and follow our social channels on Twitter (@Insafenetwork and @SafeInternetDay) and Facebook (@SaferInternet and @SaferInternetDay) for the latest news, information, advice and resources from the Insafe network and from other stakeholder organisations on staying safe online during the coronavirus pandemic.

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