New awareness campaign on the use of screens in the family

In cooperation with BEE SECURE, the Luxembourgish Ministry of Education has launched an awareness campaign on "The use of screens in the family" which will run until April 2020. The aim of the campaign is to make parents aware of their role in this regard and to provide them with advice on how to use digital media responsibly in the family.

Date 2020-03-25 Author Luxembourgish Safer Internet Centre

A guidebook, a poster and six messages

At the heart of the campaign is the guidebook for parents, titled The use of screens in the family - managing, informing and accompanying, in which parents can find practical tips on how they can use digital media responsibly themselves, and how they can positively organise their children's own use. Based on an overview of current scientific studies on the topic, a positive approach to the use of digital media is offered. The guidebook is available both in German and French. The guidebook includes a poster summarising all the key recommendations for parents.

Six key messages for good use of screens in the family

  1. Avoid giving screens to children under three years of age. Adapt the use to their age.
  2. Avoid letting children under the age of six play video games alone.
  3.  Be careful and aware of the risks of adults trying to contact your child online: many children under 13 are unaware of the potential risks of social networking sites.
  4. To ensure peaceful sleep, define areas without screens in the house.
  5. Set a good example, because children learn from their parents.
  6. Talk to your children about what they watch or play when alone.

Pictures of the awareness campaign posters "The use of screens in the family"

The key messages of the "Use of screens in the family" campaign will be displayed throughout Luxembourg (for example at bus stops) both in Luxembourgish and French. The campaign is already present on the social networks of MENJE (Facebook) and BEE SECURE (Facebook and Instagram).

Picture of the einfach digital event in Luxembourg

The campaign is part of the comprehensive initiative einfach digital - Zukunfstkompetenze fir staark Kanner" ("simply digital - future competences for strong kids"), which was presented in early 2020.

Discover the Guidebook for parents: The use of screens in the family - Managing, educating and accompanying (in French and German).

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