How a Lithuanian school celebrated Safer Internet Day

We invited schools to tell us how they celebrated Safer Internet Day 2016. In this blog post, we hear from a school in Lithuania:

Date 2016-02-26 Author Jurgis Dobkevičius Progymnasium
"On 9 February 2016, the students of Jurgis Dobkevičius Progymnasium and their teachers went to the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, and participated in an event ‘Saugesnio Interneto Diena 2016' (Safer Internet Day 2016) which took place in the Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO. 5th and 6th graders had an opportunity to participate in an unconventional lecture ‘Magiška kelionė internete' (Magical journey on the internet) while parents and teachers attended a lecture about sharing pictures of children on the internet. The purpose of this event was to draw attention to the necessity of proper behaviour online.
"Between 8-12 February 2016, students also had various lessons dedicated to a contest ‘Aš už geresnį internetą' (For a better internet) during which they painted pictures, decorated classroom doors, took tests, and so on. One of the most memorable lessons was about safe passwords and was taught by Greta Skernauskytė, a student at Kaunas University of Technology."
More information on the lecture ‘Magical journey on the internet' is available here.
Pictures from the ‘Magical journey on the internet' lecture are available here.

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