Focus on cybersecurity for Safer Internet Day in Spain

Safer Internet Day (SID) was held on Tuesday, 11 February 2020 in over 170 countries around the world, united under the slogan of "Together for a better internet". The Spanish Safer Internet Centre (SIC) would like to express its gratitude to the centres, entities and families that participated in all activities held around SID 2020, for their involvement: in Spain, 830 people registered and 2,020 watched the livestream of the central event.

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SID is also the occasion to get up to speed with the latest solutions, services and initiatives related to cybersecurity, privacy and the safe use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) by minors. For the SID edition, professionals who work with minors and new technologies in fields such as education or health, as well as young representatives of cybersecurity-related initiatives in Spain, explained how they see the role of each person and/or organisation involved in minors' development and learning in the digital environment. The talks were livestreamed and remain available to watch on the INCIBE YouTube channel.

  • "If we play video games, we can play them in other languages, and thus combine play and learning when using technologies" – Patricia Hernando, member of the STEM Talent Girl programme.
  • "We must commit to a balanced use of technology, since growing up entirely in front of screens can limit the development of empathy" – José Antonio Luengo, psychologist in the Anti-Bullying School Community Harmony Unit (Region of Madrid).
  • "We need to rethink our online habits and review our skills for the sake of our wellbeing in an increasingly digital life" – Jorge Flores, director of PantallasAmigas.
  • "Cyber Correspondents is our corner of the internet where we can express ourselves freely on any subject" – Cyber Correspondents.
  • "The main protective elements of responsible use of technology do not lie in technology, but in cognitive tools" – M. Angustias Salmerón, pediatrician specialising in ICT health.
  • "On the internet, like in life, make your children your allies" – Gemma Martínez, doctoral researcher.
  • "Accompany, supervise and support your children online, though with rules and limits" – Manuel Ransán, INCIBE cybersecurity expert for children.
  • "Educating in the digital age means focusing on children and adolescents, not only on the technology itself. We have to think about the kind of children we are educating" – María Zabala, CEO of iWomanish.
  • "The solution is not to prevent screens, but to learn to manage them properly" – Rafael Guerrero, clinical and health psychologist.

Safer Internet Day activities in Spanish schools

Year after year, schools make SID a real celebration and an opportunity to have fun while learning more about cybersecurity. Many Spanish schools told their national SIC about the initiatives they intended to carry out with their students in the framework of SID 2020, with activities such as requesting a talk through the SIC's "Cybercooperators" programme (through which the messages of Safer Internet Day have been passed on to more than 6,000 students), organising cyber gymkhanas, organising demonstrations of cyberattacks, or creating a video for the SIC's video contest, in which Cambrils College was the lucky winner with their video Say no to unauthorised publications!

Presentation of the Spanish helpline's short number

SID was also the occasion for the Spanish SIC to introduce the new Cybersecurity Helpline short number – 017 – which will make it faster and easier for children, young people, family or educators, as well as any internet user, professional or company, to receive help if they have any query or conflict with their use of digital technologies.

In summary, the main players on SID 2020 in Spain were the students, families, educators, professionals and entities who joined the celebrations live, who were able to share their views with Queen Letizia on a day marked by the humour of host Jandro, and which featured moments like INCIBE's recognition of the Cybercooperator of the Year, José Raúl Elola, and of the Honour Cybercooperator, Rosa Montero.

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