Safer Internet Day celebrations across eight Nigerian cities

In Nigeria, thanks to the work of the International Centre for Leadership Development Nigeria (ICLDNG), Safer Internet Day (SID) was celebrated in six cities across the six geopolitical zones: Lagos, Kano, Makurdi, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Calabar, Benin City and Abuja FCT.

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With a theme of "Together for a better internet", SID aims to empower and raise awareness for everyone to be together for a better internet. ICLDNG organised a wealth of activities in partnership with African Youths Initiative on Crime Prevention (AYICRIP), CliqEdge, the Administration of Criminal Justice Law (Lagos State), the Community Agenda for Peace, and Education for Justice.

Benin City – Edo State

90 students participated in an event organised in the Pariel Education Foundation School, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. The students learned more about how the internet opens up certain risks to its users – especially the most vulnerable ones, such as children – such as privacy concerns, cyberbullying, misinformation, exposure to potentially harmful content and predatory behaviours, to quote but a few.

Pictures of Safer Internet Day celebrations in Nigeria

Calabar - Cross River State

60 students participated in an awareness session organised in the West African People's Institute of Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. The session was interactive since the students were encouraged to talk about how they can use the internet safely. After this, they were educated to how to avoid cyberbullying and the hacking of social media account; the dos and don'ts of using the internet; internet checklist; tips on using the social media privacy settings; posting content; reporting suspect posts or accounts; and much more. The students also shared their views on the kind of things they can post and share on the internet.

The main takeaways for the students were how to react to offensive and suspected post or social account; how to react to people's comment to avoid cyberbullying; what to do when threatened by someone online; the importance of using the same name across all social media accounts that tallies wit certificate name; and the act of being nice and responsible to online users.

Pictures of Safer Internet Day celebrations in Nigeria

Kano State

In Kano State, Safer Internet Day was a success, with about 220 students, six teachers, and youth leaders from the community in attendance at the Hajara Ahmad International School. Abbah Ibrahim gave a presentation on the Internet as a tool for academic success, and a quiz competition followed.

Pictures of Safer Internet Day celebrations in Nigeria

Port Harcourt - Rivers State

In Rivers State, Safer Internet Day was also a blast. The event started with a keynote address by the Acting Rector of Ken Saro Wiwa Polytechnic, who delivered a paper on the importance of cyber safety. Tamuno Tonye spoke on partnering for a better internet, in the presence of the Nigerian Communication Commission, Zonal Controller Port Harcourt Office. Mr Igulu, a lecturer from the department of Computer Science, spoke on behalf of the ICT Director. Over 800 students and 50 academic and non-academic staff attended the event.

Pictures of Safer Internet Day celebrations in Nigeria

Abuja FCT

In Abuja FCT, Safer Internet Day was celebrated at Starville School, kicking off with the arrival of 263 students and guest to the hall. The representative of the ICLDNG for Abuja Mr. Dimoni Akpofure gave the welcoming address, in which he introduced himself and what SID is all about, explaining to the student how vulnerable they are to cyber treats and cyberbullying. The opening remark was given by Mr. Timothy Ukor, the school vice-principal. He encouraged students to be attentive, to ask questions when need be, and he also enjoined them to live a crime-free lifestyle.

The keynote address was given by Ms. Princess Chifiero of the Education for Justice Initiative by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Abuja office. She introduced herself and UNODC. She further explained what SID stands for, its aims and objectives. Mrs. Badejo of the Education Department of ICPC gave the programme lecture on approaches in curbing cybercrime and corruption. She engaged the students by asking them what ICPC is and how they understand the terms "corruption" and "cybercrime". She advised the students not to engage in cybercrime and corrupt practices. The closing remark was given by the school head boy, who thanked the ICLDNG team, UNODC and ICPC for the information they shared.

Pictures of Safer Internet Day celebrations in Nigeria

Pictures of Safer Internet Day celebrations in Nigeria

Makurdi – Benue State

In Benue State, the Safer Internet Day event gathered 273 students, six teachers and 12 volunteers and facilitators. A welcome address was given by the Vice Principal of the Saint. Joseph Secondary School Nyiman, Makurdi, followed by opening remarks from the coordinator of Safer Internet Day Benue State and Grace Akende from the House of Hilkiah Foundation.

The facilitator Mr. Solomon Kershima started his session by asking the students a few questions on how much they know about internet. He then talked about cybercrime and how to be security alert. At the end, students asked pertinent questions, after which the facilitator asked questions and the students with the correct answers won Education for Justice materials, from the 2019/2020 Face of Culture Africa, HRH Queen Grace Oyikome.

Pictures of Safer Internet Day celebrations in Nigeria

Owerri – Imo State

It was amazing connecting, networking, and inspiring with the students, staff and management of Calvary International Secondary School, Owerri, Imo State, during the Safer Internet Day training, in which over 130 students and 12 teachers participated.

The event was well spent, well packed and highly valuable; the participants were elated, went home happy. The questions and answers session was superb, and inspiringly optimistic. The students, among other things, learnt about internet safety; cyberbullying and how to protect oneself online; the dos and don'ts of using social media platforms.

Pictures of Safer Internet Day celebrations in Nigeria

Lagos State

An event organised in the Itolo Girl's Senior High School, Lagos, gathered 157 students and six teachers from the State Senior Grammar School, the Eric Moore Senior High School, the Government Junior College, the Government Senior College, the Eric Moore Junior High School, the Itolo Girls' Senior Secondary School, the Community Junior High School and the Itolo Girls' Junior Secondary School.

The event started with the national anthem, with two students leading the song, followed by videos from United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Nigeria Education for Justice Initiative. The students were exposed to Education for Justice online tools on Cybercrime and Corruption to enable them to "Act 4 Rule of Law".  The Safer Internet Day video was shown to the students on how teens can stay Safe Online.

An opening remark by Mrs. Adeosun, Principal Itolo Girl's Senior High School, in which she welcomed everyone and thanked the International Centre for Leadership Development Nigeria for hosting the event. The keynote speech was given by Mrs. Ajayi A.A from the Education District IV. She encouraged the students to make good use of the opportunity and that they should be glad to be among the selected students.

Mr. Felix Iziomoh, Executive Director of International Centre for Leadership Development Nigeria (ICLDNG) gave the welcome address by greeting everyone present and admonished them to be united for a better internet. He thanked the Education District for always giving the opportunity to host this annual event to help make the Nigerian society better, and to educate the students on how best they can use the internet positively.

Mr. Emmanuel Beyoma from the Co-Creation Hub (Lagos) gave a presentation about "Social media safety for teenagers". He provided an engaging session to educate students and teachers on social media safety and letting everyone know that we all have an important role in helping to protect the cyberspace against the dangers of cybercrime.

Another presentation ensued, by Mrs. Irene Guedan (McAfee), on "Digital online safety". She provided an exciting online session, sharing various tips ranging from their responsibility in:

  • Cybersecurity – What do I do to keep my stuff safe?
  • Cybersafety – What do I do to keep myself safe?
  • Cyberethics – How do I treat others online?

Irene ended her presentation with the following advice for young people: change your passwords and keep them safe; think twice before you post; review and update your online privacy settings; and use security software to protect your devices.

After this, Mr. Ibe Chris from the African Youth Initiative on Crime Prevention gave a presentation of the "Positive use of the internet". Barr. Phillips Obuesi from the Community Agenda for Peace then presented the "Characteristics of a good netizen", sharing many recommendations with the young people present.

Mr. Adedeji Adedoyin, Chief Operating Office for ICLDNG, took the students through a set of internet safety questions and answers session, offering prizes to some of the students who answered his questions. Mr. Adedoyin Adedeji gave the closing remarks, thanking everyone who made the event possible.
In total, in 2020, SID was celebrated across eight states in Nigeria, with 1987 students attending the training sessions, thanks to 15 training facilitators, 23 volunteers and 89 teachers. 12 government officials, staff from United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Abuja, Nigeria & Community Leaders, also attended.

Pictures of Safer Internet Day celebrations in Nigeria

In the coming years, ICLDNG will expand this training to more states in Nigeria and therefore needs your support and partnership.

We are living in an internet age. The internet is one of the greatest things that have happened to us, especially in 21st century. But make sure your time on the internet is safe, secure, and worry-free. Together, let's continue to be vigilant in our internet usage. A lot of bad things happen on the internet daily, let's take precautions against them. Let's continue to use the internet to learn, re-learn, network and connect with noble minds.

For more information, visit the Safer Internet Day Committee profile page of the International Centre for Leadership Development Nigeria.

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