BIK Youth Ambassadors attend the COFACE Families Europe conference in Helsinki, Finland

On Thursday, 3 and Friday, 4 October 2019, COFACE Families Europe and Vaestoliitto (the Family Federation of Finland) will host a conference for family professionals on the topic of "Shaping a healthy environment fit for children" in Helsinki, Finland.

2019-10-04 BIK Team awareness, youth

Building on the expertise of the COFACE network, this event will look into the many different areas impacting the health and well-being of children, such as education, nutrition, early childhood education care, environmental risks, child-friendly cities, family circumstances, and so on. The brainstorms and exchanges will then be used to develop the first elements of a "2030 compass" which will guide future efforts from the network towards building a healthy society, environment and economy fit for children. The conference includes innovative formats, such as Open Spaces and Networking Hotspots.

Four BIK Youth Ambassadors – Frida from Finland, Simona from Bulgaria, Algirdas from Lithuania, and Lorcan from Ireland – have been invited to join the conference and share their views on how a better digital environment for children can be guaranteed.

On Friday, they will contribute actively to the Open Space session on "Nutrimedias: A training on the impact of advertising on the food and nutritional choices of children" – in which participants will look into the impact of advertising on children and, through a #Nutrimedia mini-training, will gain a better understanding of how they can develop the right reflexes to navigate the advertising world both offline and online.

In addition to the keynote and Open Space sessions, participants are also invited to host networking hotspots on the margins of the conference to share their work towards creating an environment fit for children. The BIK Youth programme will be represented among these hotspots, with the Ambassadors presenting their work in the framework of their 2018 campaign #MyDigitalSelfandI, on children and young people's online identity and well-being.

For more information about the "Shaping a healthy environment fit for children" conference, visit the COFACE Families Europe website. To follow the conference, keep an eye on #environment4children, @COFACE_EU and @BIK_youth on Twitter.

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