COFACE-Families Europe – April 2019 newsletter now published

COFACE-Families Europe has recently published the April edition of its newsletter.

Date 2019-05-07 Author COFACE

Report of 2018 COFACE actions - get involved, get engaged and come together!

The COFACE Annual Report 2018 has been released. It looks back at a series of successful European events and a conference "Building sustainable and future proof education systems". In 2018, COFACE advocated for a safer internet for kids, adopted and promoted 13 digitalisation principles and core values to ensure digitalisation serves the general interest of all EU families. The organisation's main advocacy action of the year was the #Iwantwork-lifebalance campaign.

Read the Annual Report 2018 on the COFACE website.

COFACE reflects on challenges of implementing child rights in the digital world

COFACE Families Europe was invited to speak at the 12th European Forum on the Rights of the Child, which took place on Tuesday, 2 and Wednesday, 3 April 2019. COFACE was invited to speak in the workshop on child rights in the digital world, which aimed to identify key challenges in relation to implementing children's rights in the digital environment. The organisation notably discussed the challenge of digital parenting.

For more information, read COFACE's debrief of the 12th European Forum on the Rights of the Child.

EU CONVINCE project: presentation of good practices on Digital Citizenship

On Tuesday, 2 April 2019, the European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE) held a meeting for the EU CONVINCE project, which stands for "EU COmmoN Values INClusive Education". The project, funded by DG EAC (Education) aims at providing all school actors with tools and methods related to Citizenship. On this occasion, COFACE-Families Europe was invited to present good practices from its network and from its internal activities related to digital citizenship, and to reflect on some overarching questions related to digital citizenship and democracy. In particular, COFACE presented the emergence of decentralised online technologies, as well as the growing role that the economic and financial system plays in the democratic process.

For further information, read COFACE's recap of the event.

Smart parenting in the digital age: how-to guide for parents

Because children need our help with the digital world like they do with every other aspects of their development, COFACE-Families Europe has developed a guide to help parents to think more about raising children in a digital age. The guide is broken down into five easy steps:

  1. Study your child's digital world
  2. Shape your child's online experience
  3. Share, learn and play together
  4. Stay healthy and safe online
  5. Stay in touch with digital developments

You can access the guide on or download it.

Pictures of the latest news from COFACE-Families Europe April 2019

Read the full April 2019 edition of the COFACE newsletter for more information on issues affecting families in Europe.

* COFACE Families Europe has been involved for 60 years in building a strong social, family-friendly Europe. It brings forward the voice of millions of families, gathering 58 organisations from all over Europe. COFACE Families Europe advocates for strong social policies that take into consideration family needs and guarantee equal opportunities for all families. Find out more at

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