SID 2019 in Denmark: digital rights and GDPR

In preparation for the next Safer Internet Day (SID), taking place on Tuesday, 5 February 2019, the Danish Safer Internet Centre (SIC) is creating resources and organising awareness-raising activities on digital rights and the GDPR in partnership with Danish pupils.

Date 2018-12-18 Author Danish Safer Internet Centre

SID 2019 in Denmark will focus on digital rights and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In collaboration, the partners of the Danish SIC (Media Council for Children & Young People, Save the Children Denmark, and the Centre for Digital Youth Care) will launch an online magazine including films, podcasts, board games and information about GDPR in child- and youth-friendly language. The magazine targets pupils aged 13-16, and is free to use in schools.

These resources were produced by ninth graders from the Usserød School near Copenhagen in a two-day workshop in November 2018 after a lecture from data ethics expert, Pernille Tranberg. The lecture was eye opening for the pupils, who afterwards changed their privacy settings on Facebook and the camera settings of several apps, and started using different browsers to spread their digital footprints.

The resources focus on raising awareness about digital footprints and taking control over your data and your life online. The films were produced in a workshop facilitated by a professional filmmaker company called "Lommefilm" (Pocket Film) specialising in film workshops for schools. Two teacher students from the Future Classroom Teacher education programme at University College Copenhagen facilitated the workshops on podcasts and board game design.

The online magazine is based on questions from the pupils in the workshop and participants in a theme group chat for young people hosted by the Danish helpline, Cyberhus, and on the assistance of Catrine Søndergaard Byrne, lawyer in data rights. It provides a text with facts about GDPR from a child and youth perspective. Alongside the information is a toolbox about what to check out before downloading a new app – for instance, terms and conditions, and whether the app asks for access to the camera, the microphone or the phone's contacts. The toolbox also gives advice about what to do when you want your data deleted from a social media platform, and the company does not reply to the request.

Catrine Søndergaard Byrne is the author of the text and toolbox, and she took part in a podcast interview, which gives a broader view on GDPR and children and young people's right to control their personal data and, equally, the company's responsibility to protect children and young people's personal data. The podcast interview is included in the online magazine.

In collaboration with the Media Council and Save the Children Denmark, the pupils producing the films, podcasts and board games are currently arranging an awareness-raising event for the pupils at Usserød School on SID 2019 itself.

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