Insafe network meets to discuss creative learning and cybersecurity

Today, the Insafe network of Safer Internet Centres (SICs) begins a two-day training meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark. The meeting aims to facilitate experience and good-practice sharing across the network on a range of topical online safety issues, while continuing to enhance the collaborative learning community that has developed within the network. Once again, Open Space Technology will be used during the meeting as a method of encouraging interaction and debate.

Date 2018-06-06 Author Insafe network Section awareness, helplines

A key focus for this meeting will be on creative learning. The Insafe network of Safer Internet Centres will be exploring how creative learning can not only contribute to the development of effective resources and awareness raising, but also how it can foster and promote children and young people's positive and creative behaviour online. Tobias Heiberg from the Future Classroom Lab Denmark (University College Copenhagen) will deliver a keynote presentation, framing the different perspectives of creative learning and reflecting on how we can avoid stagnation by progressing beyond just conversation and idealistic ideas. He will also reflect on how learning cultures within the education system might contribute to this shift. Additional sessions will focus on IT-creative activities and coding, the role of digital gaming in developing media literacy skills, and the opportunities and challenges of working with social media celebrities and other influencers in delivering campaigns.

The meeting will also provide opportunities for SIC staff to gain a better understanding of current cybersecurity issues and how to address these, and the challenges of live streaming for children and young people. Whole-network discussions will also focus on planning for the next edition of Safer Internet Day taking place across the globe on Tuesday, 5 February 2019.

Hans Martens, Insafe Network Coordinator, said: "As always, we're delighted to welcome many of our colleagues to this biannual training meeting of the Insafe network. This regular opportunity to come together to discuss, debate and share good practice on key and emerging issues is vital to the success of the Insafe network in our combined mission of creating a safer and better internet for all. This edition's focus on creative learning will be especially useful in ensuring that we can collectively continue to produce tools and resources that have a real resonance with our target audiences."

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