New resource supports reporting of cyberbullying in Luxembourg

Cyberbullying (known as "cybermobbing" in Luxembourg) is not specifically mentioned as a criminal act in Luxembourgish law but, in most cases of cyberbullying, one or several laws of the criminal code will apply. Therefore, crimes committed in the context of cyberbullying are usually covered by law to some extent or other. The ability to file charges against a bully is generally already known by most people in the country, but the specifics about how to file a charge with the police and where to get personalised support on such issues are less known.

2017-12-14 Luxembourgish Safer Internet Centre awareness

Together with the Luxembourgish Police, BEE SECURE (the Luxembourgish Safer Internet Centre (SIC)) has developed a leaflet to inform young people on how to react as a victim of cyberbullying. On the one hand, it provides self help tips, regain (emotional) control over the situation, and information on where to find (professional) help. On the other hand, the leaflet gives an easy explanation of how to file a complaint at a police station. In addition to providing practical help for youngsters, parents, carers and teachers, the resource also seeks to support police officers in dealing directly with the youngsters, for example, to know immediately which professional psychological help services to recommend to a young victim (or the accused bully) for emotional support.

Furthermore, the leaflet points readers to more detailed information on relevant laws and similar on the BEE SECURE website.

The leaflet (in dual French and German language version) will be distributed via BEE SECURE school trainings, at police stations and at events. It is also available for download as a PDF from the publications section of the BEE SECURE website, at

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