Logopedia – the first speech therapy digital platform dedicated to Romanian children

Save the Children Romania, part of the Romanian Safer Internet Centre (SIC), has collaborated closely in the past with special educational institutions for children with hearing-impairment, to teach them about internet safety. Taking into account that their internet use is typically high and that many of them often stay in dorms at school, away from their families, they are considered a vulnerable group.

2017-12-06 Romanian Safer Internet Centre

In working with these special institutions, Save the Children Romania identified the need for the children to benefit from resources that would encourage them to practice their speaking skills. Given the fact that these children learn in special institutions, are not integrated in regular school environments, and there is a deficit of trained personnel for speech therapy, they often have difficulties in acquiring language and speaking skills.

In collaboration with specialists such as programmers, psychologists and speech therapists, Save the Children Romania created Logopedia, a digital tool aimed at sustaining the speech therapy of children that have hearing deficiency and speech difficulties. The educational platform contains 11 interactive games that stimulate and educate the identification of the words, spelling and verbalisation in a fun and interactive manner for children. As the help of a parent, teacher or speech therapist is needed to enhance and guide the learning process, teachers in special institutions received training in order to work with the children.

Visit the Logopedia website for further information.

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