Insafe resources: eSafety Kit for families

We believe that the best way to protect younger users is to educate and empower them by providing the tools they need to safeguard themselves, as part of our commitment to 'Promoting a Digital Society'.

Date 2015-06-01 Author BIK Coordination Team

The safety of young people as they access the digital world is becoming an increasingly important issue, as internet and digital TV use continues to increase worldwide.

Insafe and Liberty Global have developed a Family eSafety Kit for children aged 6–12 years, which explores online safety issues such as security, communication, cyberbullying and entertainment, while offering parents, teachers and young people advice on how to overcome these issues. The interactive family toolkit includes a comprehensive parents' guide, an activity-based guidebook, situation cards, a family certificate and stickers.

To date, over one million copies of the Family e-Safety Kit have been distributed in 18 languages across 23 countries.

On the interactive website, you can find quizzes, online games, golden rules and fun downloads on the four topics discussed in the eSafety Kit. 

Visit the eSafety Kit website and select your country from the site homepageThe website is available for:

  • Australia
  • Belgium - French
  • Belgium - Dutch
  • Czech Republic
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Spain

As not all language versions are available from the eSafety Kit website, you can download the PDFs below:

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