Insafe resources: Activity book - Play and learn: Being online

We live in a society characterised with an overwhelming presence of modern technological devices, allowing distance between people to fade and leading to the existence of a second, online world.

Date 2015-06-01 Author BIK Coordination Team
As children these days grow up in this digitised environment, they become accustomed to and aware of their presence from a very young age. Most kindergarten and preschool curricula do not include lessons on modern technology; therefore this book aims at introducing concepts of modern technology in their daily vocabulary and activities. 
Whilst this activity book offers children from 4 to 8 years of age 30 pages of fun and games, it also leads them to sharpen their basic language and mathematical, social and cultural skills. It gives them a glimpse of the impact modern technology can have on their everyday life. Above all it offers an opportunity for parents and teachers to sit together with their children and discuss these important issues. 
Although the activity book was created in such a way that young children can enjoy and do the games alone, many of the exercises do have a deeper level. The booklet endeavours to encourage parents and teachers to talk about topics such as privacy and modern technology with their children and pupils, starting from a very young age as these issues undoubtedly already play an important role in their lives.
Click on the links below to download the booklet in the language of your choice.
More information on the exercises with a deeper level can be found in our activity book guidelines for parents and teachers, also accessible from the links below.

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