New resource on how to keep kids safe online

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Date 2017-06-08 Author BIK Team

We were recently contacted by Tutora regarding a new online resource on how to keep kids safe online. Created in collaboration with many organisations focused on the wellbeing of children and young people, such as Barnardo's, BullyingUK, Kidpower and, the guide covers a number of key online safety topics as follows:

  • Creating boundaries.
  • Online gaming safety.
  • How to stop cyberbullying.
  • Mobile phone safety tips.
  • What is sexting?
  • Social media safety.
  • How to prevent online grooming.

screenshot from resource, chapters

Screenshot from the resource

Speaking of the guide, Scott Woodley, co-founder of Tutora, said "Through online gaming, chatrooms and social media, children have the ability to chat and interact with other users. While these have all become everyday platforms in our connected world, and are on the whole, safe and carefully policed, they have also become hotspots for cybercrime. Unfortunately, it's difficult to spot the warning signs when a child's online safety is compromised. The individuals carrying out these cybercrimes are hidden behind computer screens, able to stay anonymous and hide their real identities. Clearly, it's now more important than ever to ensure we, as parents, guardians and educators, are clued up on how to educate young and vulnerable people about staying safe online."

Access the full guide online here.

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