Web We Want activities across Europe

Since its launch in mid-March, the Web We Want handbook for teachers is making its way across Europe, supporting more and more teachers on the challenging road of teaching online safety to their pupils. 

2015-09-15 EUN
The Web We Want booklets – one for teachers and one for young people - give an excellent opportunity for students, teachers and parents to work together towards a better online understanding. 
Across Europe, the Web We Want authors are actively promoting the handbook in various national and international meetings, such as the ICT conference in the Island of Syros (Greece), the eTwinning Professional Development workshop in Lisbon (Portugal) and the conference for Global Education and New Technology in Bucharest (Romania). 
Do you wish to learn more about the Web We Want? More opportunities are available in autumn: 
When? Where? What? How?
September Online Back2School Campaign Back2School registration
September Online eTwinning webinar eTwinning website
28 September - 2 October  Island of Kos, Greece  SIFA project meeting SIFA website
22-24 October Brussels, Belgium Annual eTwinning Conference eTwinning website


In the meantime stay tuned for more updates by using #WebWeWantEU on Twitter, and by visiting our website at webwewant.eu. You can also download electronic versions of the handbooks at the same location.

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