Cyberbullying roundup from Parenting for a Digital Future

The issue of cyberbullying is often top-of-mind for parents who fear not only that their children will be victims of bullying, but also that they may be acting as bullies themselves. 

2017-03-28 Parenting for a Digital Future, LSE awareness, research

The Parenting for a Digital Future blog has covered recent research relating to bullying and harassment, including how child protection has complementary on- and offline components. At the same time, the blog has also examined how social media may give rise to particular kinds of harmful "trolling" (and what to do about it), acknowledging how difficult it may be for some children to just "turn it off".

Recent posts have also showed how parents' own digital skills and values matter in terms of how effective they are in helping their children manage their media use, how new technologies like the Internet of Toys (and the Internet of Things) or practices like baby-blogging may introduce unexpected risks, and yet how social media can also provide new ways for educators to instigate conversations with children and young people.

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