Insafe network meets to discuss online dependency and screen time

Today, the Insafe network of Safer Internet Centres (SICs) is meeting in Luxembourg to exchange knowledge and experience about the latest online issues and trends, and how these might impact on the work of awareness centres and helplines in Europe.

2016-11-23 Insafe network awareness, helplines
This one-day training meeting will start with a whole-network opportunity to reflect on keeping children and young people safe online in 2016: what does this mean for the many stakeholders in the field, what should we be doing, and what are the priorities for the future? A panel of experts will present their viewpoints, followed by collaborative table discussions to debate the challenges and possible solutions.
A second plenary session will discuss online dependency and screen time, posing the key question: "How much is too much?". Dr Mark Griffiths from Nottingham Trent University (UK) will lead a discussion examining online addictions, conceptualisations, debates and controversies in the area of technological addictions.
A large part of the meeting will be given over to an ‘ideas exchange and resource sharing' session. One of the unique features of the Insafe network is its ability to link services and experts in the field of online safety across 31 network countries. The opportunity for participants to share knowledge and experiences face to face in this way is paramount to the network's success.
Hans Martens, Insafe Network Coordinator said: "It is with great pride and pleasure that we welcome Insafe network members at this first training meeting in a new cycle of EC-funded Better/Safer Internet services, which will run up until the end of 2018. We seem to have arrived at a pivotal moment where online safety is going mainstream. Because indeed, from data protection, over Pokémon GO, to online hate speech and radicalisation, it has been become difficult to conceive of any topical trend or issue which doesn't raise online safety questions. In our view, the Insafe network is up for this challenge. We can be the change, if we unite for a better internet."
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