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Date 2021-03-17 Author BIK Team
Under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), European Schoolnet and INHOPE are deploying, on behalf of the European Commission, a comprehensive range of digital tools and services that help make the internet a trusted environment for children through actions that empower and protect them online. The objective is to build a Better Internet for Kids core service platform to share resources, services and practices from key stakeholders – national Safer Internet Centres (SICs), global Safer Internet Day (SID) committees and supporters, policy makers, NGOs, industry and the research community, and those with an interest in creating a better internet for children and young people generally.
The public aspect of the core service platform – better known as the Better Internet for Kids (BIK) portal – is available at, while other initiatives, such as the Better Internet for Kids (BIK) bulletin, the Safer Internet Day campaign, the Positive Online Content campaign and BIK Youth initiatives contribute to the wider body of work in this area. The audience for these services are many and varied – basically any individual or organisation with an interest in creating better and safer online experiences for children and young people, be they parents and carers, teachers, educators and social care workers, industry, decision makers or politicians, or indeed the many civil society organisations working in this field.
At the core of the BIK portal is a series of articles, featured on the site homepage but also feeding all of the key content areas on the site. Themes covered include topical issues, emerging trends, awareness-raising features, research and statistics, youth perspectives, industry perspectives, internet governance issues and so on. The site also hosts a Resource gallery (educational resources and videos, primarily created by the European network of Safer Internet Centres) and a Guide to apps (providing key information about some of the most popular apps, social networking sites and other platforms which are commonly being used by children and young people (and adults) today).
The quarterly BIK bulletin aims to keep readers informed of safer and better internet issues and opportunities across Europe and beyond. It is published at the end of each March, June, September and December, and is emailed direct to around 3,000 subscribers and published and archived on the BIK portal. In each edition, we feature a mix of news, research and resources from many of the key stakeholders in keeping children and young people safe online, be they European Safer Internet Centres, research organisations, industry partners, policy makers or experts in the field. Each edition has a focus topic, alongside general interest news items. You can subscribe to receive the BIK bulletin direct to your mailbox here.
We are happy to consider guest articles for the BIK portal (and associated services) if they are non-commercial in nature, and relate to the core aims of creating a safer and better internet for children and young people across the globe. We are not able to offer payment, but will of course credit the author. All content contributions are also subject to in-house edits, but we try to keep this to a minimum. Please note, however, acceptance of any content contributions is at the discretion of the platform editorial team, and may be dependent on wider platform priorities at any given time. 
Please download our content contribution guidelines for further information.
Should you have any questions, or wish to discuss other content contributions opportunities, please contact us. 

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