Within the European network of Safer Internet Centres, national awareness centres focus on raising awareness and understanding of safer internet issues and emerging trends. They run campaigns to empower children, young people, parents, carers and teachers with the skills, knowledge and strategies to stay safe online and take advantage of the opportunities that the internet and mobile technologies provide.

The network also works extensively with other stakeholders, such as the research community, industry and other NGOs, to extend the reach of key messages and awareness-raising actions.

On this page, you'll find a selection of articles corresponding to awareness-raising work.

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2021-05-06 media literacy/education Estonian Safer Internet Centre

Safer Internet Day in Estonia: a focus on misinformation

Each year, the Estonian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) focuses on one topical issue when celebrating Safer Internet Day in Estonia. This year, Safer Internet Day paid particular attention to misinformation. To this end, the Estonian Safer Internet Centre organised several events.

2021-04-28 BIK Team

Better Internet for Kids best-practice guides

One of the aims of the European Commission’s Better Internet for Kids programme is to build capacity in Europe (and beyond) for creating safer and better online experiences for children and young people. One way of doing this is by sharing good practices developed through work within the context of the Insafe and INHOPE networks of Safer Internet Centres and other key stakeholders. As such, three best-practice guides have recently been published.

2021-04-23 e-crime, media literacy/education Spanish Safer Internet Centre

Celebrating a great Safer Internet Day in Spain

The traditional Safer Internet Day (SID) celebration in Spain was marked, for the first time, with an online event due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. INCIBE, the coordinator of the Spanish Safer Internet Centre (SIC), hosted the event over two days, 9-10 February 2021, under the slogan of “Together for a better internet: more connected, more secure”.

2021-04-22 cyberbullying BIK Team

International Girls in ICT Day 2021

Thursday, 22 April 2021 is the International Girls in ICT Day. This global initiative of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) aims at raising awareness of empowering and encouraging girls and young women to consider careers and studies in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

2021-04-15 excessive use Russian Safer Internet Centre

A hybrid strategy for marking Safer Internet Day in Russia

In 2021, Safer Internet Day (SID) in Russia was again held in the traditional form of Safe Runet Week, well known since 2008. Although some COVID-related restrictions for mass events were still in place, generally the programme for the week stayed as intensive as before the pandemic. The main difference was a shift for most events to online and the adoption of a “hybrid” strategy, having both offline and online participation in Safer Internet Day activities.

2021-04-14 love, relationships, sexuality (online) Portuguese Safer Internet Centre

Webinar on sexuality and risk behaviour online

Making the internet safer remains a strategic objective in Portugal. According to the EU Kids Online 2020 report, approximately 1 in 4 children or young people say they have had an "uncomfortable" experience online (18 per cent for boys; 27 per cent for girls). Equally, more than half of children say they have difficulties in verifying which information online is true (53 per cent).

2021-04-13 love, relationships, sexuality (online) Dutch Safer Internet Centre

Online love and sexuality in times of COVID-19

On the occasion of Safer Internet Day (SID) in the Netherlands, the Dutch Safer Internet Centre (SIC) published a survey on online well-being in the COVID-19 period, with a special focus on online love and sexuality. 

2021-04-12 cyberbullying, media literacy/education Italian Safer Internet Centre

#WeAreFearless in Italy on Safer Internet Day 2021

In Italy, the Safer Internet Day (SID) 2021 event was hosted completely online and made available via live streaming. A debate took place between students, parents and teachers – the whole scholastic community – on how to help younger generations through a learning process on positive use of the web, the technological instruments available, and their role in good and appropriate use of the platforms.

2021-04-09 cyberbullying, data privacy, hate speech, media literacy/education, online reputation Cyprus Safer Internet Centre

Annual student video competition on safe and creative use of the internet

On Tuesday, 16 February 2021, the final evaluation of the competition “Production of student videos for the safe and creative use of the internet” took place successfully during an online seminar. The seminar was organised by the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus, of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth, with the support of the Cyprus Safer Internet Centre (SIC) – CYberSafety.

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