The European SafeOnline Prototype: helping parents with their children's media education in different countries

The European partners of the European SafeOnline (ESOI) project launched the SafeOnline Prototype: a ready-to-use toolbox for European organisations that want to support parents to improve their children's online safety.

Date 2023-11-08 Author Belgian Safer Internet Centre Section , awareness Topic media literacy/education Audience media specialist, organisations and industry, parents and carers
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The European Safe Online Initiative has launched the ESOI prototype to support organisations that address and raise awareness among parents about the issues their children encounter. This guide provides step-by-step all the practical information and essential tips to develop a training project, with a free set of videos and documents based on the knowledge and experiences of the partners. 

ESOI has reached more than 2,000 caregivers in five countries by 2022 and aims to provide parents with digital media education for their children in a context of positive parenting. The content of the training sessions starts with an exploration of the opportunities online technology has to offer. The sessions are designed to stimulate parents' interest in the Internet and the digital world, offering insights into their children's social media usage, including its benefits and potential risks. Furthermore, the sessions provide parents with valuable practical tips for dealing with the risks and seizing the opportunities of the digital world.

The European SafeOnline Initiative project was inspired by the Flemish Safe Online Initiative, which was replicated in five countries and regions: French speaking Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece and Romania. This has shown that this model can effectively be implemented elsewhere. The ESOI Prototype makes this knowledge available to other countries and organisations interested in establishing a similar initiative. 

The current training sessions cover five main topics: social media, privacy, gaming, cyberbullying, online relationships, and sexuality. However, the potential topics are diverse and numerous many and varied. This toolkit can help stakeholders in and outside Europe to take the initiative and help parents increase media literacy in their families and empower children online. 

Discover the SafeOnline Initiative and download  the toolkit here.

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