#NOHATEONLINE, the Luxembourgish awareness campaign for more respect on the internet

To contribute to the fight against hate speech, BEE SECURE, the Luxembourgish Safer Internet Centre has started a new campaign. The campaign called #NOHATEONLINE promotes more mutual respect on the internet and the prevention of hate speech. The campaign also aims to provide information about freedom of expression and legal boundaries.

Date 2022-11-29 Author BIK Team Section awareness Topic media literacy/education, online reputation, potentially harmful content Audience parents and carers, teachers, educators and professionals
Poster of the campaign website

The need to raise awareness about online hate

The online hate phenomenon has gained importance, particularly over the past year. Xenophobic, antisemitic, and political hate, driven by the Coronavirus pandemic, has become particularly apparent on social networks. As such, the BEE SECURE Stopline recorded an increase in reports of incitement to hate and violence. A survey on trends in the media usage of children and teenagers in Luxembourg also revealed that young people cited online hate and violence as their worst experiences.

A portal against hate and a quiz about freedom of expression

The focal point of the campaign is the nohateonline.lu website, which makes recommendations on how to fight hate speech online. It also refers to the BEE SECURE Stopline (stopline.bee-secure.lu). The Stopline enables members of the public to anonymously report any illegal content, including hateful content. If a report qualifies as “in scope” by the BEE SECURE Stopline operators, information about the reported illegal content is forwarded to the relevant authorities.

The nohateonline.lu website (available in Luxembourgish and English) also features a quiz called “Is it OK to say that?”, which encourages users to think about the limits of free speech. Users are presented with a few hateful comments and have to say whether they consider them to be illegal. These statements are real comments that circulate on social media and that have been reported to the BEE SECURE Stopline. 

Messages and slogans that encourage respectful behaviour online 

During the year, posters featuring positive messages are distributed throughout Luxembourg. The campaign has also been extended to social media, with videos and messages tailored to each social network, and influencers who share the #NOHATEONLINE message with their communities. 

As part of the #NOHATEONLINE campaign, there is a new partnership with the Cinqfontaines, a new memorial and education centre, raising young people’s awareness of human rights and promoting the fight against antisemitism and racism. The aim of this partnership is to encourage young people to become actively involved in the fight against all kinds of hate. 

Find more information about the work of the Luxembourgish Safer Internet Centre, including its awareness raising, helpline, hotline, and youth participation services – or find similar information for other Safer Internet Centres throughout Europe

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