New handbook for parents on safe internet use is available in Slovenian

The Slovenian awareness centre has published a new handbook aimed at parents and carers including tips and advice for a safer use of the internet called “Vzgoja za internet – priročnik za starše” (How to educate about the internet - a handbook for parents). The handbook is aimed at parents and carers of primary school pupils, as children become intensive internet users at this age. It contains tips and warnings about the most common online risks young people face. 

Date 2022-06-08 Author Slovenian Safer Internet Centre Section awareness Topic media literacy/education Audience parents and carers
Picture of multiple copies of the handbook. The covers features a family of four looking at a laptop.

Just like we teach children to walk safely on the street, we need to teach them how to use the internet safely. However, this learning process begins in the moment we hand over the first digital device that allows to access the internet and lasts until children are skilled enough in the safe use of the internet, meaning that they know how to recognise online risks and protect themselves from them" writes author Marko Puschner in the introduction. This idea runs throughout the whole handbook and is an important recommendation for parents and carers for when they decide to give their child a mobile phone or a computer for the first time. 

The handbook is divided into twelve chapters for a total of 44 pages, and it covers the most relevant online safety topics: children's and parents' attitudes towards the internet, device protection, social networks, privacy protection, risky behaviours, cyberbullying, parental control, inappropriate and harmful content, excessive use and addiction, smart toys and watches, video games. Each chapter contains key information on each topic, as well as important tips and advice on what parents and young people should be aware of. 

With this new handbook, the Slovenian awareness centre offers parents and carers a source of information to help them introduce their children to the online world, and they will certainly find a lot of useful information for themselves as well. 

The handbook has been printed in a run of 10,000 copies and is available for free to those parents attending workshops for parents organised by schools. The handbook can also be found on the Better Internet for Kids (BIK) resource repository and on the website, where it is also available in its digital version for viewing and downloading. 

Picture of the handbook produced by the Slovenian Safer Internet Centre. On the cover of the handbook, a family consisting of mother, father and two children looking at a laptop. Credits: Slovenian Safer Internet Centre.

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