The Teen Team of the Czech Safer Internet Centre produced the short video "Let's treat each other on the internet as in real life"

This autumn, members of the Czech Youth Panel were given the task of devising a script for a short video on the topic of internet security. Subsequently, they stepped in front of the camera and, under the direction of Patrik Fiala and Martin Klesnil, who are shooting the successful podcast "At the round table" in the Czech Republic, experienced first-hand what it's like to be an actor.

Date 2021-11-29 Author Czech Safer Internet Centre Section awareness Topic cyberbullying, media literacy/education, online reputation Audience children and young people, parents and carers, teachers, educators and professionals

Students prepared a total of six topics based on real situations that internet users actually get involved in and that can result unpleasant consequences. The selected topics were:

  • identity theft
  • sexual harassment
  • sharing one's activities with the public
  • sharing  personal data
  • sharing unverified information
  • online insults and humiliation.

The aim of the short video is to point out the absurd behaviour of some people in the online space. If we were to transfer all the online stories into real life, they would suddenly seem unnatural and often comical to us. The internet is a public space that any of us can access, so we must be constantly alert because we can never know who might be on “the other side".

The motto of the whole video was "let's treat each other on the internet as in real life". With this video, students involved in the Youth Panel would like to reach out to young people and others to make them think about the situations they have re-enacted in the video, which they or someone around them could easily experience.


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