Annual student video competition on safe and creative use of the internet

On Tuesday, 16 February 2021, the final evaluation of the competition “Production of student videos for the safe and creative use of the internet” took place successfully during an online seminar. The seminar was organised by the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus, of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth, with the support of the Cyprus Safer Internet Centre (SIC) – CYberSafety.

Date 2021-04-09 Author Cyprus Safer Internet Centre Section awareness Topic cyberbullying, data privacy, hate speech, media literacy/education, online reputation Audience children and young people, teachers, educators and professionals

The competition aims to develop children's skills in relation to media literacy, while also helping them to build knowledge and shape their attitudes regarding this crucial and important thematic area. Through this creative learning process, students engage in activities related to the production of digital video such us researching online safety issues, writing the story and script focusing on the key messages and narrative that they want to convey to the audience, rehearsing, directing the camera, sometimes performing, editing, and other post-production tasks. This process contributes, quite effectively, to a better and deeper understanding of all the interconnected issues of adopting a safe, creative and responsible use of the internet. Moreover, by going through the process of authoring and communicating their messages and digital online content, students also contribute to a better internet for children in accordance with the educational objectives of creative and innovative uses of the internet.

The student video production was carried as part of the celebration of Safer Internet Day (SID) 2021. With the central motto of "Together for a better internet", participants in the competition were invited to show that #Together_We can:

  1. Fight violence and bullying on the internet;
  2. End hate speech and racism;
  3. Say no to misinformation and fake news; or
  4. Protect our personal data and digital identity.

Students in Cyprus created video submissions on safe and responsible use of the internet

Students in Cyprus created video submissions on safe and responsible use of the internet

For the final evaluation phase, 14 entries were selected (6 from primary schools and 8 from secondary schools). During the seminar, the student groups presented their video as well as its creation process to the Evaluation Committee and answered relevant questions. The Committee was comprised of two representatives of the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus and a representative from each level of education. Videos were evaluated on the basis of predefined competition criteria.

Three prizes were awarded to student groups of primary schools and three prizes to student groups of Gymnasium/Lyceum/vocational schools. In addition, taking into account all of the schools’ commendable efforts, especially given the pandemic circumstances under which the videos were created, it was decided to award praise to all other entries.

All of the videos that participated in the second phase of the competition have been televised and will be used in various ways for educational purposes. In addition, the videos have been posted on the Department of Educational Technology’s YouTube channel, while further information on the competition is available on the Cypriot Safer Internet Centre’s website.

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