SIC+ programme: South Africa - Film and Publication Board (FPB)


Centurion, South Africa



Awareness raising

The FPB's awareness-raising efforts are nationwide. The organisation conducts outreach initiatives targeting children, youth, caregivers/parents, educators, law enforcement agencies, child protection organisations, and non-governmental organisations (as per approved activity plans) to ensure child online protection and safety.

Key flagship campaigns for the FPB include:

  • Child Protection Week
  • 16 days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children
  • Safer Internet Day


No helpline service currently.


FPB's hotline is accessible via the FPB website. The link is embedded on the homepage; with just one click a person wishing to make a report will be redirected to the reporting page.

The organisation is working on reviving the hotline toll-free number to ensure that persons without access to the internet can also log their reports.

In addition, the FPB plans to introduce other methods of hotline reporting aimed at catering to the country's diverse population and multiple official languages.

Youth participation

The FPB has the South African Online Safety Youth Council. The Council is made up of 11 youth aged between 13 and 21 tasked with the responsibility of facilitating peer-to-peer dialogues aimed at educating youth on online safety and promoting safer online interactions. The Council also exists to derive from youth the current challenges they face as they engage online. The latter information is used to guide the organisation in developing action plans to deal with matters raised.