SIC+ programme: Serbia - National Contact Center for Child Safety on the Internet


Belgrade, Serbia



About the organisation

The National Contact Center for Child Safety on the Internet was formed within the Smart and Safe platform by the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications. Through this Center, the Ministry conducts counselling for children, parents, students and teachers, as well as all other citizens, about the advantages and risks of using the internet and safe ways to use new technologies. It is also possible to receive reports of harmful, inappropriate and illegal content and behaviour on the Internet, that is, reporting a violation of the rights and interests of the child.

Awareness raising

The goal of education is to get as many children as possible to understand the dangers of the internet so that children do not forget that the internet, besides its good sides, has bad ones too. In addition, the goal is for parents to be more informed and find ways to talk with their children about their online activities. In this way, the internet becomes a family experience, awareness is raised on the proper use of digital technologies, and children become aware of safety importance.


The main goal of the operator and Contact Center counsellor is to advise parents, guardians, and teachers to talk to children and raise awareness of dangers of any kind. In addition to being a topic within the IT caravan campaign, education on the internet is carried out through lectures held by the representatives of the Contact Center in schools for children and parents, as well as through media, media and digital campaigns, and by organising seminars, workshops, and presentations.


Since its establishment, the total communication registered by the hotline through telephone calls, email, via the site and social networks is  28,205. The Contact Center for Child Safety on the Internet is constantly working on the education of students, parents and teachers in primary schools throughout Serbia. So far, 462 presentations have been held in 143 primary schools for 16,540 students and 5,374 parents. We have also visited 19 high schools and, during the pandemic, we held 12 webinars for teachers. 

Youth participation

Youth participation in Serbia isn't yet at the required level and therefore we have created a programme for peer educators. The goal of our organisation is to train children and young people to educate their peers on the subject of child safety on the internet. In such a manner, children will be directly included in awareness-raising activities in our country, and they will benefit from that way of educating and raising awareness.