Safer Internet Forum 2013

The 2013 edition of the Safer Internet Forum (SIF) took place in Brussels on 17-18 October 2013 and was attended by a total of over 330 participants from 65 countries. Participants included youth and parent/teacher representatives from each of the 31 Insafe-INHOPE Safer Internet Centres (SICs), as well as academics, researchers, social workers, practitioners from related fields, industry and young entrepreneurs, NGOs, European child advocate charities, the European Commission, national and international government and Ministry representatives.
The central theme of SIF 2013 was to look at how all stakeholders, and more especially young people, can contribute to creating a Better Internet with You(th).
Sessions focused on topics ranging from building new online opportunities for creativity, entrepreneurship and peer-to-peer learning and empowering Europe's youngest and most vulnerable users to collaborate with industry to future proof new content and products, and raising awareness of ethical issues related to the data we are all leaving online.
Other sessions looked at protecting young users through the work of helplines and hotlines. Focus was placed on the responsibility of every citizen in the quest for a better internet, and the importance of public-private partnerships to scale up the successful best practice models that already exist.