Safer Internet Forum 2009

The 2009 edition of the Safer Internet Forum (SIF) took place in Luxembourg on 22-23 October 2009 and its main theme was ‘Promoting online safety in schools'. The Forum was open to stakeholders from NGOs, governments, researchers, industry representatives (including internet service providers (ISPs), mobile network operators, social networking sites and software developers.
A broad consultation carried out as part of the European Commission's 2009 Safer Internet Forum identified a clear message: online safety needs to be taught in schools from as early an age as possible and as a horizontal subject.
The 2009 Safer Internet Forum was preceded by the Insafe Pan-European Youth Panel and a Teachers' Panel. Both meetings took place on 21 October in Luxembourg and were closed to the public. The main conclusions of both the Youth and the Teachers' Panel were presented during the Safer Internet Forum.
You can also consult:
  • Assessment report: The status of online safety education in schools across Europe.
  • Forum report: Minutes, Teachers Panel and Youth  Panel reports.
  • EURYDICE report: This report summarises the main findings of a survey carried out on education on online safety in primary and secondary schools in 30 European countries.