Safer Internet Forum 2008

The 2008 edition of the Safer Internet Forum (SIF) took place in Luxembourg on 25-26 September 2008. The Forum was open to stakeholders from NGOs, governments, researchers, industry representatives (including internet service providers (ISPs), mobile network operators, social networking sites and software developers.
On this occasion, Viviane Reding, then Commissioner for Information Society and Media, gave a keynote speech on social networking (see also, memo).
The European Commission organised four different expert panels on the following topics:
  • Social networking and children.
  • Age verification.
  • What do we know about children's use of online technologies?
  • Media rating – towards pan-European cross media rating and classification schemes.

In order to prepare the Safer Internet Forum discussions, the European Commission launched a public consultation in June 2008 on the above mentioned topics to get input from all relevant stakeholders.