From the Safer Internet Programme to Better Internet for Kids: A policy roadmap

Today, young people and children are among the largest user groups of online and mobile technologies in Europe. The Digital Agenda for Europe aims to have every European digital. Children have particular needs and vulnerabilities on the internet, so that the internet becomes a place of opportunities for children to access knowledge, to communicate, to develop their skills and to improve their job perspectives and employability.
To empower and protect them, the European Commission has been taking various steps - starting in 1999 with the Safer Internet Programme up to the current implementation of the Strategy for a Better Internet for Children under the Connecting European Facility (CEF) - by supporting different stakeholders through various networks and research projects, while maintaining a continuous dialogue with industry.
This policy roadmap aims to provide a chronological overview of the various relevant activity lines and stakeholders involved, including programme timelines, key outreach events and campaigns, the role of industry, as well as the ongoing evaluation processes.
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1.1 Action plan for a Safer Internet 1999-2004
1.2 Safer Internet Programme 2005-2008 (Safer Internet Plus)
1.3 Safer Internet Programme 2009-2013
1.4 Better Internet for Kids (BIK) 2014 - ongoing
2.1 Safer Internet Forum (SIF)
2.2 Safer Internet Day (SID)
4.1 Impact assessments
4.2 Evaluations
4.3 Benchmarking tools
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