September 2020 BIK bulletin - Reaffirming BIK priorities through a range of actions

In recent months, digital technologies have been at the heart of the response to the coronavirus pandemic, enabling billions of people from a variety of generations or backgrounds to carry on with their daily lives and therefore to maintain – to some extent – a sense of normality throughout the crisis, whether to stay in touch with loved ones, to continue working, studying, creating and learning, or to participate in public debate, among other things. 


School begins, time for a smartphone? (FI)

#Martyisdead (CZ)

Online challenges: conversation starters (NL)

The Star Colony (NO)

GDPR - WHAT? 2.0 (DK)

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Fortnite is an online game developed by Epic Games.


A cross-platform chat app dedicated to gamers.


TikTok (formerly is a destination for short-form mobile videos.


Minecraft is a game about using blocks to create things.


Omegle is a social site which encourages video chat with strangers.

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